PH_ Andrea Gabbani

Models_ Francesca Galeotti /Letizia Pemoni / Lucia Hoferikova

Mua_ Alessio Scolari

Fashion Designer, Stylist and Coordinator Maria Francesca Milani

Location: Gym  Hidron Campi Bisenzio

With her thousand faces and the soul of a child, the woman, always a source of inspiration for art in her different ages, is once again the protagonist of this new collection. Cecilia Matteucci Lavarini, a great collector of Italian fashion, is the inspiring muse of this research path, which transmits us much more than the admiration for a beautiful and perfect body: the true essence of being a woman.

From a curiosity comes the inspiration for an iconic garment: a tribe of Senegal, a strange ritual that provides a dress of leaves, much more exposed for younger, becomes a “couture” belt that reflects in the theme “Carousel of life” this intention to recreate the lightness of the ritual leaves through hand-painted fabrics. In this collection too, underwear plays a very important role, merging in a single language clothing and lingerie, a distinctive feature of the brand.