Hi girls,

It is a great pleasure for me to talk to you about Maria Francesca Milani, a friend but above all a very good Fashion Designer.

Maria Francesca Milani, graduated in fashion design at Polimoda Fashion Institute two years ago in Florence, and decided to make her passion a real job with the brand MfM.

The Mfm brand lives on a mix of opposites, halfway between a sartorial soul and an urban casual style, where vintage and sports accents give life to a couture sportwear style that intends to reinvent the bra as a garment.

Francesca wanted to revolutionize female underwear, thus freeing the preconception that should be worn only under clothes, remaining hidden from view of people.

MfM has in its DNA the art of capturing everyday experience and expressing it in the most striking and original forms: exploring the femininity and sensuality of cosmopolitan women with a strong personality.

Believe me I know her, it is thanks to her attention to detail, research and her avant-garde creativity that her clothes are unique, formal and sporty at the same time.

A lot of attention is given to the definition of the color palette of MfM, as you can also see from the photos of the new collection.

Practicality and elegance, an exchange that takes place in two senses: sport appropriates the colors of fashion, fashion steals the forms of sport.

Here are some must-have items from this collection, which you can buy directly from her online website www.mariafrancescamilani.com


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