Thursday 19 July 2018

Piacenza, July 13th

The do-it-yourself fashion of Maria Francesca, 28, designer 2.0

The young girl attended the Polimoda Fashion Institute: my colleagues go abroad, I wanted to focus on Piacenza

If the mountain does not come to Muhammad, Muhammad goes to the mountain. In her case, the young designer from Piacenza Maria Francesca Milani – who fell in love with fashion in a general crisis, «where companies in the sector invest little in the development of clothes» – began to design, package and sell autonomously their own creations. “I love to see one of my garments worn by another woman, knowing that it makes her feel at ease. When I saw a model wearing one of my clothes for the first time, I was moved. It is as if it was a son in a fabric, with whom I create an intimate and affective relationship “. After graduating from Liceo Artistico Bruno Cassinari, the 28 year old left for Florence to attend the prestigious Polimoda Fashion Institute with a suitcase full of passion and perseverance. He had the opportunity to work as an intern for the well-known designer Flavio Castellani, as well as with the brands Tod’s, Valentino and Gucci, arriving at the opening of his personal brand “MFM”.

At a certain point, however, he made a choice of heart: “All my peers tried to establish themselves abroad, but I wanted to return to the starting point: Piacenza, my city. Maybe it was a risky step, but I think that is absurd to go to London or Paris abandoning the “made in Italy” », says Maria Francesca, who creates and promotes her catalogs, mails them (« sometimes I leave in train and I deliver them directly to the boutiques “) and offers her clothes to the stores. “The direct contact between the designer and the shopkeeper is precisely what has been lost over time. My clothing manufacturers are in Florence. I went to Tuscany to turn my inspiration into reality, keeping a watch on the quality of the fabrics, on the zips, on the seams and on the other details in a maniacal way. I use only natural fibers, I do not use synthetic or polyester fabrics. I prefer to design niche products, what is missing in the big brands and in the “fast fashion” also present in the historic center of Piacenza ». Another component of his activity that could soon become the main one is the web, where she looks like this: “I immerse my soul in colors and through the technique and my creativity I enhance the aesthetics’:” I started a website commercial to respond to the request of some foreign customers. Today young people have the great difficulty of finding companies willing to support us during the creation phase of the dress. It is complicated to be taken into consideration. Who knows, the virtual instrument could be the future “. Her style is refined and elegant, but in Piacenza he has not yet found an easy life: “The clientele here is a bit unusual, with a close mind: I think it is wary of emerging brands. In Rome, Florence or Rimini it’s easier “, admits Maria Francesca. Her dream is to” inaugurate a showroom in Piacenza shared by more women who love what they do, in the name of female entrepreneurship. A space in which to convey fashion in my territory, creating something great. It would be a risky initiative, but in the future I want to try. ”

The designer Maria Francesca Milani wears some of her creations